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Video & Motion Design

et’s face it: the human attention span is not what it used to be. In the world of content, video is increasingly one of the strongest ways to communicate your message. A video that distills your message creatively is a long-term asset that will pay dividends.

Since the beginning of time, storytelling has been one of the most efficient ways to access a message. Fresh’s collaborative and creative process assures that our video production team compels your audience to action after we distill your story and solicit feedback on what really matters.

The team utilizes original art, high-end graphics, motion, writing, storyboards, music, and voice acting to bring your stories to life. We’re ready to execute the project in any format, from live-action to digital animation.

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Why Businesses need Video & Motion Design

If you want the attention of the audience and clicks needed to survive online, you have to introduce something worth seeing, reading, and sharing. Quality content always stands on top and nothing adds more quality than an effective motion design. Video marketing is a highly effective, easy & affordable strategy when trying to appeal to and convert your potential audience.

Your Narrative

Storytelling doesn’t just happen in Los Angeles. At Fresh, we take the time and care necessary to come up with compelling scripts and storyboards that play to your strategy and influence your customers, your sales team, and your employees. Whether it’s a unique graphic, a catchy voice style, or a subtle animation of your logo, all creative direction and assets come together to tell your amazing story.

Your Engagement

In terms of digital trends, we've all heard "content is king." High-end video is the best kind. Video, especially interactive video, is the most consumable form of content for all types of user demographics. It can be all that is needed to influence their decision about whether to take action or continue exploring. Increased attention comes from increased interactivity, and video and motion are the best places to start layering in more engagement.

Your Goals

Like all aspects of Fresh’s design process, the day starts and ends with identifying the goals of our clients and making sure these remain at the forefront of our minds. During initial meetings, the team will investigate the design challenge to gain a firm understanding of your goals. All film narratives we develop are in support of making sure that your goals are achieved.

Your Strategy

Anyone can pick up a camera and make a movie, but Fresh does things differently. Motion and video are part of comprehensive UX and marketing strategy, not siloed as stand alone assets that you don't know what to do with once complete. Video integrates into all of our other work to deliver high-end experiences

Your Team

All of Fresh’s video production is done in house--no outsourcing to other agencies who aren’t familiar with your vision, your target users, and your business goals. Our producers collaborate with team members working on other aspects of your project to ensure a common vision for the product is established and carried throughout the video process.

Your Results

Art is awesome. In our industry, however, it must act in service to a business goal or user need and provide value to that end. By thinking about how to integrate your video into your website and your marketing initiatives, we can help you get ROI and value out of your investment. Success requires measureme


Empowers Businesses to Tell Their Story Visually

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Siss Global has a team of passionate motion graphics designers that give movement to your graphic design. We at Siss Global create designs that tell your business’s story to your potential audience and help them bond with your brand.

Siss Global gives your business a beat visual appearance in the market and differentiates your brand from its competitors. You can catch viewers’ attention with your product, service, and brand. Siss Global lets your complex business idea convey to your audience in a comprehended way.


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Types Of Motion Graphics

Explainer videos

This is short video content that tells viewers how your product works. Out of all the types of motion graphics, explainer videos are one of the most common. It gives you more chances to present an engaging and shareable motion graphics video to your audience.

User interface (UI) animation

User interface animation gives visual effects to UI elements and components to make them interactive. This helps guide the audience through a website or digital product while creating an immersive and enjoyable user experience.


You can create some amazing animated effects on any icon and give it a splendid transition to animate.You can create some amazing animated effects on any icon and give it a splendid transition to animate.


Animating graphs and elements of an infographic are used to emphasize the important information. Infographic animated video can help people follow which information to read first. Creating animations for interactive infographics gives the key to an engaging experience.


Presentation graphics are used to create sequences of words and pictures that tell a story or help support a speech or public presentation of information about your product or brand. Animating graphs or concepts can help make a presentation feel more engaging.

Instructional videos

The instructional videos are a win solution that can explain a visual and simple matter that would have been tough to explain in text or using images only. It helps to reduce mistakes & is entertaining and interesting to watch.


Animated logos use original animation styles and elements to guide tell a brand’s story by putting its logo in motion.


Animated titles make them move and will draw attention to them, highlighting their importance and improving your communication with the audience.

Broadcast graphics

Broadcast graphics give more visual appeal to programs where the scene rarely changes, such as a football pitch. An exciting motion graphic creates interest in the game as it progresses.


GIFs are a popular type of motion graphics. GIF motion graphics are really easy and effective on, social media and they don’t take long to make.