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Invent Value with Quick Team Idealization, Collaboration, and Evaluation

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Innovation Sprints

nnovation Sprints are short bursts of coordinated activity centered on your challenges and opportunities. Agile innovation allows your company to generate and implement valuable ideas at a rapid rate. Involving staff at all levels increases engagement and buy-in, making staff happier, more confident in the company’s direction, and more engaged in implementation efforts.

A sprint can be completed in an hour or a couple of weeks. The nature of the challenge dictates the length of the sprint and the key people involved. We provide a targeted framing of the challenges, time constraints to foster urgency, and an inclusive approach that draws on the quiet voices within your organization as well as the louder ones. Our philosophy enables real-time discussion, elaboration, and evaluation of ideas to push them as far as they can go, creating a positive cycle of engagement.

Our experience spans from helping named companies produce new services and applications to using design-thinking to solve long term strategic problems for large multinationals. The highly talented collective of design, technology, and business talent at Fresh connects more dots because we see more dots. Our culture is built around integrating and partnering with our clients – we’re idea and design people oriented toward execution and measurement. In the process, we enable you to develop dozens – if not hundreds – of ideas that can be synthesized into key solutions and strategic plans.

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To stand out from the fierce competition, your business would need to access marketing with truly creative and innovative ideas. Siss Global provides brands the opportunity to engage with a wider target audience through various digital marketing strategies. We adopt new approaches and technologies for the digital transformation of your business to stand out in the crowd.

Your Culture

The ability to generate and implement valuable ideas quickly is a product of an organization's culture. Fresh offers you a process, a design team, and technology to build a culture that enables innovation to flourish. We give you the tools and training to spur innovation, recognize and reward contributions, and a team to create together. We're here as a coaching, design, and technology partner to foster innovation in the name of your business.

Your Agility

Innovation Sprints can be used to develop the following key items at a rapid rate: company naming, brand ideation and formation, business model innovation, developing high end infographics, video and animation, UI/UX analysis of websites and apps, and print and marketing materials. With Invent Value and a team of coaches and collaborators, we'll enable you to implement new approaches at a faster and more meaningful rate.

Your Strategy

Invent Value allows you to quickly explore and refine strategic direction as you encounter problems and opportunities through the phases of Ideation, Collaboration, and Evaluation. Between "brainswarming" and top-down and bottom-up cross pollination and expansion on ideas, Invent Value will leave you with creative ideas and action items – tools to ensure vibrant growth strategy and value creation throughout the many layers of your business..


Invent Value with Quick Team Ideation, Collaboration, and Evaluation

Why Choose Us?

Developing directions and finding creative solutions to intricate challenges. We choose one of the best, innovative, digital marketing strategies to try is brand collaboration. Working with neighbour industries to promote both brands, minimise costs, and increase sales. A thorough examination of the goals and performances, Measuring the success of digital marketing strategy regularly, doing cross-comparisons, and coming up with ways to tailor it to the specific needs of the market.


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Types of Innovation Strategies

Centralized vs Decentralized

Centralised innovation strategy depends on one individual to make ideas & decisions and provide direction for the company. Decentralised Innovation strategies depend on a team environment at different levels. Individuals at each level in the team may have some autonomy to make ideas and decisions

Push vs Pull

pull marketing involves putting in place and building strategies that automatically draw consumer interest to your products and services, while push marketing means pushing your brand in front of your targeted customer or making it available to the audience.

Reactive vs Proactive

Proactive strategies are essentially used by companies to anticipate the future requirements or potential challenges and threats of a company. Reactive strategies are those that companies used to deal with an unforeseen event after it has taken place.

Bottom-up vs Top-Down

In the Bottom-up approach, a team will collaborate across all levels to determine what steps need to be taken to achieve overall goals & it’s newer and more flexible. In the Top-Down approach, a project manager makes decisions, gathers knowledge, analyses it, and draws actionable conclusions then communicated to the rest of the team.