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ebsite gives information. A web app development solves a problem efficiently. Designing a web application involves taking your challenge and creating something innovative and efficient. Let’s make those great ideas a concrete reality.

Our iterative design and agile app development process is an adaptable yet highly scaffolded structure that takes ideas generated in the consultation and research phase and puts them into action through great planning and awesome coding. After designers take the initial concepts and translate them into wireframes, mockups, and prototypes, our expert team of developers integrates with your existing infrastructure and uses cutting edge technological tools to bring your application to life.

Our goal is to create a great experience, maximum efficiency, and maintainability. Anyone can slap together a poorly designed application. Siss offers solutions that will be less expensive in the long run due to their functionality and quality construction. We offer you the ability to add more features down the road with web app development because we go above and beyond to make our code work. It’s well-maintained, and any developer worth their salt will be able to look at it and understand how it operates. We conduct extensive internal code reviews, assuring that the frameworks of our applications are easy to read, easy to reason, and easy to customize.

We believe, wholeheartedly, that our designs look really cool. We’re confident that our products do amazing things. We’re 100% positive that our developers make scalable web applications that can handle growth and allow for uninterrupted, high-quality user experiences.

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We aim to develop web applications that are interactive, user-friendly, perfectly arranged, novel, and unique. Intended to exhibit the flavour and feel of the business it represents. Our teams will collaborate, analyse, and develop the best way ahead for designing and developing a perfect web application.


From ideation to execution, we’re your design-led development partner focused on creating an experience that works for your users. To keep bugs at bay, we develop unit tests, do functional tests, and perform browser tests. Our design is visionary and our method is agile, with a long term view to safeguard against everything that could compromise the integrity of your experience.


When adding features, we ask questions that go beyond the surface level, finding the perfect mix of simple innovation and sophisticated functionality to create a product that speaks to your user’s goals. When assessing the problem you are trying to solve, we help you explore novelty and understand convention. Every feature we create will act in service to the overall customer experience.


You’ve come up with a novel idea to alleviate a pain point for users in a way that nothing ever has before. Fresh will help you design it, test it, develop it, and launch it. Guaranteeing a high level of usability and functionality, and paired with precise and eye-catching design, we’ll make you an awesome application that fosters an experience that is truly memorable.


Understanding the key challenges and expectations of your business, we possess the innovative & appropriate knowledge and skill to build a functional app that performs exceptionally strong & well when accessed on the smartphones of your targeted users. Using the best technological tools, integrated with the high-end features and functionalities to improve user experiences.


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Mobile applications have changed the way we connect online. Every outstanding business firm around the world has exclusively designed mobile apps. An excellently designed mobile app, with all the customised user-friendly features, can be essential for your growth prospects.

Siss Global has been established to inquire into the aspects of mobile applications and deliver the best, according to client requirements. We have been the leading mobile app development company in Kannur, Kerala. A careful research process, client-oriented technology implementation, and inquisitive approach have transformed us from a start-up company to prominent mobile app developers in Kerala.

Being one of the best Digital Marketing companies in Kerala, we always choose the latest trends in technology and provide end-to-end digital solutions. We offer quality products and innovative services in app development to our clients.


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Types of Web Apps

Static Web Apps

Static web apps appear to the clients as same as they are stored on the server. No content changes are made in the application server before the page is sent to a web browser. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc are the languages used to create static web applications. Professional portfolios, digital resumes, landing pages for marketing, etc. are examples of static web applications.

Single Page Apps

Single page apps are quicker compared to traditional web applications & enable users to interact with the webpage without any restriction. Admin can update any single-page app as per the requirements in the future.

Multiple Page Apps

Multiple page app reloads and displays a new page from the server in the browser anytime users perform a new action & they can blend well with the mobile environment.

Portal Web Apps

Portal web apps are best suited for businesses and enterprises that want to create customised interfaces according to their target audience’s requirements.

Dynamic Web Apps

Dynamic web apps fetch data in real-time based on the users’ requests & their content is continuously updated anytime for users to access them. Admin users can change or update the information & can integrate new features and functionalities. Node.js, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, Python, etc. are utilised for developing dynamic web apps.

Animated Web Apps

By creating an animated web app you can represent content by using various animated effects that gain the user’s attention & deliver valuable information. It allows you to improve the user experience.

Content Management System

It allows you to easily create, manage & modify your digital content on the web that scale to keep up with your growing business needs.

E-commerce Apps

E-Commerce web apps can be considered as an online store, or as same as eCommerce Sites & one can handle transactions and integrate different payment methods such as Debit/Credit Card, etc.